Mum’s birthday cake

The 10th of june was my mum’s birthday so this post is a bit late…

My mum loves strawberry cakes, but also white chocolate and orange flavored chocolate so I had that in mind when I made the cake.

Before the cake we had some subs. First they were roasted in the oven with some garlic butter and then filled with tomato paste, guacamole, pork, lettuce, cucumber and cheese.
This is a 3 layer cake made from normal sponge cake. The first layer had only jam and for the second layer I added halved strawberries and some whipped vanilla cream. I then added the top layer of sponge cake and carefully covered the whole cake in a mixture of white chocolate and whipped cream.
For the chocolate glaze I used my favorite recipe, made from butter, powdered sugar, cacao and water, and added some melted orange chocolate too. Make sure the chocolate cools down before you add it to the cake or it will melt the cream. I covered the top with it and let it drip down from the edges. Unfortunately I made the mistake to touch it too much and it got a little mixed up with the whipped cream on some parts, but you learn from your mistakes. I decorated it with strawberries and some chocolate decorations. The text is piped white chocolate. 🙂





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