Swedish Midsummer (part 1)

The midsummer night is according to folklore the most magical and the border between the supernatural world and our is supposed to be at it’s thinnest.There are plenty of myths surrounding the festival. One such myth is that if young people pick 7 flowers at Midsummer and place them under their pillow they will dream of their future spouse. Medical herbs picked on this night were believed to be stronger and were saved for darker months.

Today midsummer is celebrated the closest Friday to the summer solstice. On midsummer everyone leaves the city to jump like a frog around a maypole, eat herring and drink a lot of alcohol.

I made a flower wreath to wear, remember that it’s cheating to use wires or threads
When you find cows you’re probably sufficiently far away from the city
Dance around the maypole
Midsummer food, herring, sour cream and new potatoes are the most important.
No midsummer without strawberries, here served with ice cream and cream.

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