Swedish Midsummer (part 2)

After the maypole dancing, strawberries and drinks it’s time for a swim in the sea.

Don’t “test” the water before you jump in, just assume it’s always cold


After the swim there is more food to eat, this time it’s grilled food on the menu.

Portabello, meat, baked potatoes, salad and caviar in sourcream

After the barbecue it’s time for drinks and dancing, but since I can’t drink we decided to go for a walk instead.

20160624_223805 (1)
It may look calm, but there was music playing from every house

Went up a hill go get a better view


We saw something glowing on the ground
No midsummer is complete without a sudden rainfall.
Before I went to bed I put 7 different kinds of flowers under my pillow. It was too dark to find flowers so I had to use the ones from my flower crown.

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