How to make hats for your cats, a.k.a. how to make your cats hate you

So what can you do when you have four cats and are extremely bored? The answer is hats, because why not? So my sister and I decided to make a different kind of hat for every cat. We made a tophat for Romeo, a “lady hat” for Tindra, a chefs hat for Ramses (that they all have to wear now  if they wanna “help” me cook) and finally a fez for Rubin, because fezzes are cool.


They are about 80% toilet paper rolls, 15% paint, 10% tape, 5% super glue and 1% normal printer paper. (math is hard)


I recommend you to try the hat on a cat once it’s assembled

To make the top hat you just cut out the “height” of the hat, then cut up the rest of the roll so you get a rectangle. From this rectangle you make 2 circles, one smaller and one bigger, use the height roll to guide you. Glue it all together (I recommend super glue) and let it dry for a few minutes. Paint it and add a strip of paper around it. Done!

Unfortunately Tindra is mentally unstable so this is the only picture I managed to take before she almost killed me.

To make the “lady hat” you do pretty much the same. The height is a lot less and the lower circle thingy is a lot bigger. Paint it and when it’s dry you can add a strip of paper around and a bow. The bow is just a folded paper strip that you kinda wrinkle in the middle and then add another little piece of paper in the middle.

It really helps if you find some random round things with the right size. It’s dried catnip in the thingy.

The chefs hat is the trickiest. First you cut out the “base” and then you cut out strips from the roll. You are gonna need a lot of glue, tape and patience. There are gonna be a lot of space between the strips but just cover it with tape from the inside and use a lot of glue on the top to hold it together. Paint it and it’s finished.


To make the fez you have to first cut out your desired height and then cut out a “pizza slice” and glue/tape it together to make it narrower at the top. Cut out a a circle for the top, glue and paint.

Now you’re ready to make your cats hate you.


19 thoughts on “How to make hats for your cats, a.k.a. how to make your cats hate you

  1. I absolutely LOVED!!! this post and it was just the cheer up I needed on a cold, wet Winter’s day in far off Australia. The hats were so well made and very clever and the looks on the cats’ faces was priceless…I so hate you!! We have two dogs who will be equally impressed with wearing hats and my kids are staying with my parents for the weekend and they have a ginger Tom who is quite a character. Can’t see him posing for ANY photos! We’ll see!
    xx Rowena

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  2. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    Thought my kids would love to do this during these school holidays. They’re currently staying with their grandparents so Archie The Cat, Beware of the Hat! xx Rowena


      1. I’m not a pet owner (I had fish in my 20s and briefly hosted a street cat before he ran away) but I enjoy seeing the things that pet owners get up to. πŸ™‚


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