How to make hats for your cats, a.k.a. how to make your cats hate you

So what can you do when you have four cats and are extremely bored? The answer is hats, because why not? So my sister and I decided to make a different kind of hat for every cat. We made a tophat for Romeo, a “lady hat” for Tindra, a chefs hat for Ramses (that they all have to wear now  if they wanna “help” me cook) and finally a fez for Rubin, because fezzes are cool.


They are about 80% toilet paper rolls, 15% paint, 10% tape, 5% super glue and 1% normal printer paper. (math is hard)


I recommend you to try the hat on a cat once it’s assembled

To make the top hat you just cut out the “height” of the hat, then cut up the rest of the roll so you get a rectangle. From this rectangle you make 2 circles, one smaller and one bigger, use the height roll to guide you. Glue it all together (I recommend super glue) and let it dry for a few minutes. Paint it and add a strip of paper around it. Done!

Unfortunately Tindra is mentally unstable so this is the only picture I managed to take before she almost killed me.

To make the “lady hat” you do pretty much the same. The height is a lot less and the lower circle thingy is a lot bigger. Paint it and when it’s dry you can add a strip of paper around and a bow. The bow is just a folded paper strip that you kinda wrinkle in the middle and then add another little piece of paper in the middle.

It really helps if you find some random round things with the right size. It’s dried catnip in the thingy.

The chefs hat is the trickiest. First you cut out the “base” and then you cut out strips from the roll. You are gonna need a lot of glue, tape and patience. There are gonna be a lot of space between the strips but just cover it with tape from the inside and use a lot of glue on the top to hold it together. Paint it and it’s finished.


To make the fez you have to first cut out your desired height and then cut out a “pizza slice” and glue/tape it together to make it narrower at the top. Cut out a a circle for the top, glue and paint.

Now you’re ready to make your cats hate you.


My Summer Bucket List!

Time flies by way to quickly during the summer break. To make the most of it I’ve made a bucket list that I will (kinda) try to complete. I will also try to document as many as possible of these and I will probably add more to the list, feel free to come with suggestions 🙂


Here in Gothenburg we have the biggest amusement park in Sweden, Liseberg, they also have a ferris wheel 🙂 . Universeum is the largest science center in the Nordic region, they have a rainforest with animals, huge aquariums, technology and experiments.


Slottskogen is a large park and also a zoo for mainly swedish animals but they also have penguins 🙂



Kulturkalaset is a huge, week long culture festival. The programme consists of over 1 000 things to do, see and listen to. Opera, art, music, carnival, theatre, literature and films. As well as food culture, local bands and superstars.

Swedish Midsummer (part 1)

The midsummer night is according to folklore the most magical and the border between the supernatural world and our is supposed to be at it’s thinnest.There are plenty of myths surrounding the festival. One such myth is that if young people pick 7 flowers at Midsummer and place them under their pillow they will dream of their future spouse. Medical herbs picked on this night were believed to be stronger and were saved for darker months.

Today midsummer is celebrated the closest Friday to the summer solstice. On midsummer everyone leaves the city to jump like a frog around a maypole, eat herring and drink a lot of alcohol.

I made a flower wreath to wear, remember that it’s cheating to use wires or threads
When you find cows you’re probably sufficiently far away from the city
Dance around the maypole
Midsummer food, herring, sour cream and new potatoes are the most important.
No midsummer without strawberries, here served with ice cream and cream.