Homemade pizza

When the fridge and freezer are pretty much empty you can always make pizza. Only your imagination sets the limit to what you can put on it. I put chicken, eggs, cheese and parsley on mine 🙂


For the dough:

  • 5 dl flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 1/2 dl milk
  • 1/2 dl olive oil

Mix all the dry ingredients before you knead everything together. Flatten with your hands or a rolling pin. Remember to put it on a non stick surface, I highly recommend IKEA’s oven mat that you can use over and over again.

For the tomato sauce:

  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes
  • 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • oregano, salt and pepper to taste

Simply mix all the ingredients in a pot on the stove and cover the pizza with it. Now you can but pretty much anything on the pizza, just remember that more stuff requires longer time in the oven. Bake at 250 degrees C (480 F) for 15-20 min.

Food is always better with company



A day at the lake

Today was a cloudy and cold day, but at least no rain, so I decided to go fishing at the lake. I haven’t done that for years and had to google how to do the knots when I finally got there. I also took Caspian with me and my brother. After almost 4 hours of fishing I finally got a tiny perch, but at least the weather got really nice and the cats are probably gonna enjoy some fresh fish.

Creamy spinach soup

You will need: (4 portions)

  • 500g spinach
  • 1 yellow onion
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 2 tablespoons of flour
  • 10 dl of water
  • 1 vegetable bouillon cube
  • 1 dl cream
  • salt and pepper
  • 4 eggs (boiled)


Chop the onions in small pieces, thaw the spinach if frozen and roughly chop it too. Fry the onion and spinach with the butter in a pot for a few minutes. Powder the flour into the pot to avoid clumps, then add water and the bouillon cube. Cook under a lid for about 10 minutes, (this is when I boil the eggs), before you add the cream and seasoning to taste.

Serve with halved eggs and if you’re really hungry a cheese or ham sandwich too. 🙂


Swedish Midsummer (part 2)

After the maypole dancing, strawberries and drinks it’s time for a swim in the sea.

Don’t “test” the water before you jump in, just assume it’s always cold


After the swim there is more food to eat, this time it’s grilled food on the menu.

Portabello, meat, baked potatoes, salad and caviar in sourcream

After the barbecue it’s time for drinks and dancing, but since I can’t drink we decided to go for a walk instead.

20160624_223805 (1)
It may look calm, but there was music playing from every house

Went up a hill go get a better view


We saw something glowing on the ground
No midsummer is complete without a sudden rainfall.
Before I went to bed I put 7 different kinds of flowers under my pillow. It was too dark to find flowers so I had to use the ones from my flower crown.

Swedish Midsummer (part 1)

The midsummer night is according to folklore the most magical and the border between the supernatural world and our is supposed to be at it’s thinnest.There are plenty of myths surrounding the festival. One such myth is that if young people pick 7 flowers at Midsummer and place them under their pillow they will dream of their future spouse. Medical herbs picked on this night were believed to be stronger and were saved for darker months.

Today midsummer is celebrated the closest Friday to the summer solstice. On midsummer everyone leaves the city to jump like a frog around a maypole, eat herring and drink a lot of alcohol.

I made a flower wreath to wear, remember that it’s cheating to use wires or threads
When you find cows you’re probably sufficiently far away from the city
Dance around the maypole
Midsummer food, herring, sour cream and new potatoes are the most important.
No midsummer without strawberries, here served with ice cream and cream.

Mum’s birthday cake

The 10th of june was my mum’s birthday so this post is a bit late…

My mum loves strawberry cakes, but also white chocolate and orange flavored chocolate so I had that in mind when I made the cake.

Before the cake we had some subs. First they were roasted in the oven with some garlic butter and then filled with tomato paste, guacamole, pork, lettuce, cucumber and cheese.
This is a 3 layer cake made from normal sponge cake. The first layer had only jam and for the second layer I added halved strawberries and some whipped vanilla cream. I then added the top layer of sponge cake and carefully covered the whole cake in a mixture of white chocolate and whipped cream.
For the chocolate glaze I used my favorite recipe, made from butter, powdered sugar, cacao and water, and added some melted orange chocolate too. Make sure the chocolate cools down before you add it to the cake or it will melt the cream. I covered the top with it and let it drip down from the edges. Unfortunately I made the mistake to touch it too much and it got a little mixed up with the whipped cream on some parts, but you learn from your mistakes. I decorated it with strawberries and some chocolate decorations. The text is piped white chocolate. 🙂




Iron Maiden at Ullevi

I was one of the 55 000 who saw Iron Maiden yesterday. It was probably one of the best days of my life. Further down I’ve written a summary of the concert.



Posters have been up for months
Outfit of the day, got the ticket months ago
About 3 pm, they were gonna let us in at about 5 pm. My boyfriend was really nice and waited with me outside, even though he wasn’t gonna see them.
I bought some overpriced earplugs too from people selling outside the arena
Had 2 cheeseburgers and a bottle of water before they finally let us in.
Had to go through 4 security checks before they even checked the tickets. In the arena you weren’t allowed to run, so I just walked as fast as possible. I didn’t have a inner section ticket, but  at least I got the front row at the outer section. We waited 1,5 hours for the first opening act. They sold water and snacks, for cash, that I obviously forgot to bring, it was also very sunny and hot.
The Raven Age was the first opening act, they play heavy/alternative metal. They were a bit too emo-ish for me, but that’s pretty much what I call all metal bands that I don’t really like. They didn’t really get more that some polite applause from the audience either.
The 2nd opening act were Opeth, a progressive/death metal band from Sweden. It’s a band that I actually do listen to sometimes and it was definitely a good show. The lead singer, Mikael, was entertaining and the audience loved him.
Iron Maiden finally entered the stage at 9 pm, they began with “If eternity should fail”, a song from their new album. They continue with “Speed of light”, but the audience still hadn’t really woken up, but when the intro to “Children of the Damned” started playing they really did wake up and the whole arena applauded. They continued with two new songs “Tears of a clown” and “The red and the black”, both heavy and beautiful. The adrenaline really kicked in when “The trooper” started playing and the audience went wild. The atmosphere remains during “Powerslave”. During “Death or Glory” Bruce tells the audience to do the monkey dance and everyone seems to have a fun time. “The book of souls” seems to be one of the most loved new songs, and Eddie runs around the stage trying to catch the band members, until Bruce rips his heart out and the audience cheers. “Hallowed be thy name” and “Fear of the Dark” follows, both classics and you can hear the audience singing just as much as Bruce. Truly a beautiful moment. Iron Maiden continues with “Iron Maiden” and the audience gains new energy. The band leaves the stage and the intro to “The number of the beast” starts playing and the audience goes absolutely crazy, the pyros and lightshow is now at full capacity. Bruce takes a few minutes to just look out over the cheering audience, without saying a single word, and you can definitely see tears in his eyes now. It’s now dark outside, and “Blood Brothers” starts playing. You can really feel the connection to everyone in the audience with the slow claps and the cheesy but still beautiful view when people all around you use their cellphone light to create an ocean of starry lights. The concert comes to a strong ending with “Wasted Years” and the audience won’t stop cheering. People were cheering and shouting for the band to come back until they started to disassemble the stage.
After the concert there was a great atmosphere and “Always look on the bright side of life” were playing from the speakers.
55 000 people were leaving the arena, you could hear laughter and happy voices.
It usually takes 10 minutes to walk to the station, but this time it took at least 30. Almost everyone at the station were people from the concert and barely anyone had the energy to stand up. I usually don’t like being out late alone, but this time it felt like being surrounded by family. My boyfriend met me at the station were I went off and had a well needed bottle of water with him.
I was starving when I finally got home and my boyfriend was really nice to warm up some food for me. It probably took me 2 minutes to eat.
I definitely needed some ice cream too :), and I fell asleep in a few seconds when I finally went to bed.