How to make hats for your cats, a.k.a. how to make your cats hate you

So what can you do when you have four cats and are extremely bored? The answer is hats, because why not? So my sister and I decided to make a different kind of hat for every cat. We made a tophat for Romeo, a “lady hat” for Tindra, a chefs hat for Ramses (that they all have to wear now  if they wanna “help” me cook) and finally a fez for Rubin, because fezzes are cool.


They are about 80% toilet paper rolls, 15% paint, 10% tape, 5% super glue and 1% normal printer paper. (math is hard)


I recommend you to try the hat on a cat once it’s assembled

To make the top hat you just cut out the “height” of the hat, then cut up the rest of the roll so you get a rectangle. From this rectangle you make 2 circles, one smaller and one bigger, use the height roll to guide you. Glue it all together (I recommend super glue) and let it dry for a few minutes. Paint it and add a strip of paper around it. Done!

Unfortunately Tindra is mentally unstable so this is the only picture I managed to take before she almost killed me.

To make the “lady hat” you do pretty much the same. The height is a lot less and the lower circle thingy is a lot bigger. Paint it and when it’s dry you can add a strip of paper around and a bow. The bow is just a folded paper strip that you kinda wrinkle in the middle and then add another little piece of paper in the middle.

It really helps if you find some random round things with the right size. It’s dried catnip in the thingy.

The chefs hat is the trickiest. First you cut out the “base” and then you cut out strips from the roll. You are gonna need a lot of glue, tape and patience. There are gonna be a lot of space between the strips but just cover it with tape from the inside and use a lot of glue on the top to hold it together. Paint it and it’s finished.


To make the fez you have to first cut out your desired height and then cut out a “pizza slice” and glue/tape it together to make it narrower at the top. Cut out a a circle for the top, glue and paint.

Now you’re ready to make your cats hate you.

Homemade pizza

When the fridge and freezer are pretty much empty you can always make pizza. Only your imagination sets the limit to what you can put on it. I put chicken, eggs, cheese and parsley on mine 🙂


For the dough:

  • 5 dl flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 1/2 dl milk
  • 1/2 dl olive oil

Mix all the dry ingredients before you knead everything together. Flatten with your hands or a rolling pin. Remember to put it on a non stick surface, I highly recommend IKEA’s oven mat that you can use over and over again.

For the tomato sauce:

  • 1 can of crushed tomatoes
  • 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste
  • oregano, salt and pepper to taste

Simply mix all the ingredients in a pot on the stove and cover the pizza with it. Now you can but pretty much anything on the pizza, just remember that more stuff requires longer time in the oven. Bake at 250 degrees C (480 F) for 15-20 min.

Food is always better with company


A day at the lake

Today was a cloudy and cold day, but at least no rain, so I decided to go fishing at the lake. I haven’t done that for years and had to google how to do the knots when I finally got there. I also took Caspian with me and my brother. After almost 4 hours of fishing I finally got a tiny perch, but at least the weather got really nice and the cats are probably gonna enjoy some fresh fish.

Let me introduce you to my pets :)

Ramses, Romeo, Rubin, Tindra and Caspian, 4 cats and 1 dog. (I also have 3 younger siblings and a boyfriend, not sure if i should list them as pets too…)

This is an old, but the only picture I have of all the cats at once. As you can see they did not appreciate my attempt at making a cute family picture. Since we are 4 siblings, we decided to have one cat each (everyone has to deal with the dog).

261952_1867557847329_2709550_n (1)

Ramses2016-06-15 22

Ramses is simply perfection (because he’s mine). He’s cuddly, sweet and always greets me at the door. While I’m writing this he has been sitting in my lap for the last 3 hours, purring. I also just noticed that he has been drooling on my leg, very cute. He’s a very careful cat, hides when scary people come over, but still has a tendency to get stuck in out of reach cabinets.



Romeo is the brother of Ramses. He’s not “fluffy”, just fat. Despite being fat and old he can still jump 2,5 meters straight up in the air for a tiny piece of ham. He’s extremely cuddly and patient, like a giant cat-like teddy bear. He likes to eat a lot and then puke on the floor on strategical places that makes everyone somehow step in it.

Rubin13315675_10208140351005165_7180769242138341056_n (1)

Rubin means Ruby in swedish, I have no idea why we chose that name, but since it’s easy to shout it was a good choice. Rubin’s only pleasure in life is to do things that he’s not allowed to do. He likes to climb the curtains and steal food from peoples plates right under their noses. He’s also really sociable and brave/stupid, he likes to run up to barking dogs just to mess with them. Rubin and his sister Tindra were both rescues.


Tindra is a sweet but very shy cat. Unfortunately she spends most of her days hidden under a bed. She has gotten better since we first got her, but is still very nervous and can scratch if you’re not careful enough with her. She really likes people, but not if there are too many at once. For some reason she seems to be in love with my boyfriend.


Caspian is now 9 months old, we got him in November when he was only 8 weeks old. His mum is a staffordshire bull terrier and his dad is unknown. The result is a very hairy, very sweet and very playful dog. He gets extremely excited when someone from the family comes home, but also very sad when they leave. He enjoys long walks, cuddling, playing and destroying things. He will always try to greet other dogs and gets very upset when someone won’t let him.