Animals and food, my two passions in life. I have 4 cats and a dog and I’ve done horse riding since age 6. I love food and cooking and always try to surpass myself. I also happen to be a 17 year old girl from sweden, so you’ll have to excuse my not so perfect english.


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  1. Thank you for finding our blog and following us. We love meeting fur people and their humans from other countries. Mom said she’s never been to Sweden but it’s one place she would like to visit. We aren’t supposed to go out of the back yard so I don’t think we’ll be coming over there. MOL! Very nice to meet you. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. Mom said you have a really neat site and is anxious to read more. Purrs and soft paw pats from Hemingway and Shakespeare……and their Mom, Pam.


  2. Cats a dog and horses in your life. Excellent! I also like the food part as well. I have one horse, Biasini, and we ( my husband and I) have a little schnauzer called Tia. We do not have a cat at the moment. But I do love cats. Have you read the book “A Streetcat Named Bob”? It is a wonderful book about a homeless cat and the recovering addict who saves him. They save each other actually. It has been translated into many languages so it may be available in Swedish. Anyway nice to meet you!


  3. Hello from Ontario, Canada. I’m a subsitute teacher and it’s such a treat to see your enthusiasm for life. I’ll be sure to check in on your blog whenever I can. Thank you for visiting mine.


  4. Thank you for visiting my blog and for the like! My furry babies, Beba and Barmalei, send regards to you and want you to look at their pictures in my post Spicy String Beans https://koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com/2016/05/25/spicy-string-beans/.
    Your English is just fine; I wish many of my college students had your English skills! And if you don’t mind an advice from a semi-retired college professor, don’t start apologizing for your English, or any other foreign language you will learn in your life. English is not even my second language, it is my fourth, so what? Do what you are doing, like what you are doing, and take it from your cats: Cats never worry about what mice think of them!

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  5. Thank you for popping in at my blog. I love to see your enthusiasm for cooking and cats. My second blog is all about writing for children and all sorts of animals and birds. I hope to see you again at Fauna Park Tales.


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